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OCCA in conjunction with the Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring (ALLARM) is starting a Citizen Science Stream Monitoring program in Otsego County.  This will be the first county-wide stream monitoring program entirely carried out by citizen volunteers with OCCA’s coordination in New York. Citizen science monitoring has been shown to be an effective way to collect data that might not otherwise be collected, and can help inform environmental policy, provide baseline conditions, and track long-term changes across the landscape.  We are in the early planning phases with a dedicated team of individuals to determine priority parameters and monitoring sites.  Below is a list of steering committee members.

Volunteer recruitment will begin in April with ain information session and introduction to the stream August 23 and volunteer training taking place on September 23.  If you are interested in becoming a citizen monitor, check out our volunteer sheet or call Leslie Orzetti at 607-547-4488.

OCCA is also soliciting donations to pay for monitoring kits and safety equipment for our volunteers.  Consider making a donation today!