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My name is Dave Johnson, owner of D & D Refrigeration, a small, family-owned business. I started my business 28 years ago and have been working since to design, install, and service both air conditioning and refrigeration systems throughout the CNY region. I am a licensed HVAC technician. Within the past 15 years I have become acquainted with Air Source Heat Pump systems, more specifically with the Mitsubishi brand. These units use refrigeration technology to provide a clean source of heat and cooling for your home or business. I have attended multiple trainings and conferences held by Mitsubishi, and I have developed an excellent working relationship with others in this field. I have installed these units in all arenas from commercial establishments to residential homes. My clients are geographically and economically diverse, yet all share one trait – they are all seeking a cost effective, efficient means of heating and/or cooling their homes. I truly believe in this technology. Air source heat pumps have impressed me with their ease of use, reliability, and efficiency. These units are quiet and cost effective. Furthermore, they are a step toward releasing us from some of our reliance on fossil fuels, providing a renewable source of heating and/or cooling technology to help move us into a cleaner future.