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energypyramidOCCA supports the research, development, and application of alternative energy–defined by our board as energy derived from natural, renewable sources such as geothermal, wind, solar, and hydro which does not exhaust natural resources and minimizes harm to the environment. Energy efficiency and decreased reliance on fossil fuels are key to combating the deleterious effects of pollution and climate change on our world. Whether promoting energy audits and assessments for individuals and businesses, providing carbon reduction training through the Low Carbon Diet, or advocating bicycling, carpooling and public transportation to reduce motor vehicle use, OCCA has long supported the transition to renewable energy sources and energy conservation.

Energy Wise Otsego is an ad hoc group of people with a mission to promote energy conservation through public outreach and education in Otsego County.
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Otsego County Conservation Association held its first training session for Low Carbon Diet Eco-Team leaders in April of 2009. The program focused on energy conservation and how associated changes will save money. The Eco-Teams are designed to provide a venue for citizens to get together with their neighbors to discuss ways in which they can reduce energy use, save money and therefore reduce their “carbon footprint.” OCCA partnered with Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) and the energy workshop was led by Debbie Wojehowski, program educator for CCE. Seventeen people attended the meeting. Anyone wishing to lead or join a Low Carbon Diet Eco-Team should contact Martha Clarvoe at 607-547-4488 or via e-mail at martha.clarvoe@gmail.com. “Low Carbon Diet” books can be purchased at the OCCA offices for $15.
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