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map of gas wells-southern otsegoHORIZONTAL DRILLING FOR NATURAL GAS
OCCA has been actively involved in actions regarding horizontal drilling for natural gas. OCCA has crafted a position statement, commented on the DEC’s scoping document, created an informational flier, and written opinion pieces disseminated to the local media and feature articles in our newsletter. All of this, as well as other related material, is posted on this website.

As representatives from gas companies sweep through Otsego County to solicit signatures on leases giving drilling rights on large properties, we are faced with the unknown consequences this invasive technology may have on our natural resources, especially our land and water.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR REVISED MAP: Natural Gas Well Locations and Leased Properties.

OCCA understands that natural gas is a clean-burning fuel, but it is also a fossil fuel and a non-renewable fuel. Our water resources are too precious to put at risk. We should be focusing on alternative, renewable energies – and on conservation.

OCCA has been in the forefront of public education and action on this issue. Specifically, OCCA has produced, posted on this website and updated a map showing parcels leased to gas companies within Otsego County. OCCA members and staff have attended and made presentations at numerous public meetings focused on gas drilling. We have also compiled an informational flier, written opinion pieces for local papers on this topic, and submitted a 9-page response to the DEC’s draft Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact – all available on this website.

To educate yourself further on natural gas drilling, click here for other related website links, presentations and documents.

In February, 2009 the NYS DEC released its “Final Scope for Draft Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (dSGEIS) on the Oil, Gas and Solution Mining Regulatory Program, Well Permit Issuance for Horizontal Drilling and High-Volume Hydraulic Fracturing to Develop the Marcellus Shale and Other Low-permeability Gas Reservoirs.” To read that document, click here.

To read comments on this document from OCCA and other interested parties and individuals, click on the links below.