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100_1233The Natural Resources Survey is OCCA’s inventory and analysis of the natural resources within our county and the possible applications envisioned.

At a recent regional legislative conference on natural gas, environmental attorney Kimberly Rea stressed the importance of recording critical environmental areas with particular environmental and historical significance so as to identify places that need protection and trigger site-specific reviews in the case of development proposals for these areas.

Affected municipalities need the information that such a natural resources survey provides to protect water quality and supply, soils, unique natural areas, and forestland, as well as to plan thoughtfully for use of existing roads and any construction of new ones.

No such document currently exists for Otsego County. OCCA has recently resumed work begun in 2004 associated with its Natural Resources Survey Workshop – collecting and evaluating inventories from diverse sources, identifying gaps in our knowledge, and seeking local input regarding the county’s flora, fauna, and unique natural areas.


If your agency or organization is a repository of any of the information outlined in the survey categories, or if you can direct us to sources and/or partners you believe would be integral to this project, please e-mail Darla M. Youngs, OCCA Executive Director.

Click here to read more about OCCA’s efforts in the “Daily Star” article by Tom Grace titled “OCCA seeks to map Otsego’s resources.”

“Unique Areas in Otsego County”
In November of 1974, James C. Haviland, an associate professor at Ulster County Community College, released the document “Unique Areas in Otsego County.” Nancy A. New of Cornell University assisted Haviland with this project. Included are 60 “unique areas” located throughout the county – from Bear Swamp Pond to Judd Falls to Sassafrass Grove – along with recommendations as to how they might be preserved and protected.

Town of Oneonta Natural Resource Inventory
This Natural Resource Inventory for the Town of Oneonta is intended as a land-use planning tool that also demonstrates the types of services available to other municipalities through OCCA’s Circuit Rider Planner Program.  For more information about these maps or inquiries regarding creating a Natural Resource Inventory for your community, please contact OCCA’s Environmental Planner at planner@occainfo.org or visit http://occainfo.org/land-use-planning/.