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Once again, OCCA is pleased to provide opportunities for recycling hard-to-get rid of items at Earth Festival. Please review the list below. Before loading up your car, be sure to follow all directions about what you can bring, and how you should bring it. If you have any questions, call the office!

Styrofoam: Clean, white Styrofoam (Expanded Polystyrene Foam, EPS) will be collected once again. The following types of EPS will be accepted: rigid EPS packing material; foam cups and takeout food containers (must be clean); foam egg cartons; packing peanuts. Please make sure all items are clean and dry, remove any tape or labels, and place in a clear plastic bag. Please do not include any of the following: Colored foam; soiled food or beverage containers; foam meat trays of any color; foam core boards; degradable foam peanuts. Styrofoam collection will be outside the building.

Helpful hint: EPS usually has a ‘beaded’ appearance, and should have a recycling triangle with a #6/PS located somewhere on it.

TerraCycle Items: OCCA continues to participate in the TerraCycle recycling program. Bring the following TerraCycle items inside to the OCCA recycling tables in the gym:

Dental Care items: Used toothbrushes (not electric) and toothbrush packaging; empty toothpaste tubes and caps; empty dental floss and dental tape containers and packaging.

Writing Implements: Used pens, markers, and highlighters; used mechanical pencils. Please, no crayons or lead pencils.

Wine Corks: Natural corks from wine bottles only.

Tennis Balls

Monofilament Fishing Line: Leave hooks, bobbers, and sinkers at home, please.

Planet Green Items: The following items are collected and sent to Planet Green Recycling. OCCA receives a small amount of money for these items: used inkjet cartridges, cell phones, small, handheld electronics up to tablet size. Please place inkjet cartridges in plastic bags or in original packaging to prevent leaks. No toner cartridges, please!

Eyeglasses: The Cooperstown Lion’s Club will be collecting eyeglasses. Look for their table in the gymnasium.

Shoes: Gently used pairs of shoes.

Christmas lights

Toilet and paper towel rolls

Windowed envelopes

Document Shredding: Empire Recycling will offer free document shredding from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The truck will be parked outside.