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Click the button above to Submit Your Tip!  Let's help each other with zero waste goals.
Click the button above to
Submit Your Tip! Let’s help each other
with zero waste goals.

Rethink: making thoughtful choices at the time of a purchase particularly about end of service disposal options.

When you buy an item that you are bringing into your home, ask – How much of it will be going into your trash?  Is the packaging able to be recycled or reused?  When the item has outlived its intended use, is there a way to reuse it for something else or can it be sent back to the manufacturer for repurposing?

There are some companies that are designing for “cradle to cradle” manufacture instead of “cradle to grave” production.  Find out what companies are thinking ahead and use your purchasing power to support them over their competitors.

Learn more about the cradle to cradle concept and where to find products that are C2C certified at http://www.c2ccertified.org/.

What about our local businesses?  Are there efforts being made to reduce waste and lower environmental impacts?  If so, you may want to take this into consideration when you shop locally to support businesses that support a reduced footprint.

Click here for our business reduction tips and recycling bins brochure.  Please feel free to share this with local businesses you support!