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Take the Pledge to Clean, Drain and Dry

New statewide regulations require boaters to inspect and remove any visible plant or animal material from their watercraft, including canoes, kayaks, and jet skis, before launch as well as before leaving a water body at the end of the day. This means all parts of the watercraft, as well as the trailer and all equipment or gear. These regulations also require dumping out canoes and kayaks, and draining water from bilges, bait wells, ballast tanks, and so on.

Take the Pledge to Clean, Drain and Dry

  • I, the undersigned, pledge to Clean, Drain and Dry my watercraft and related equipment before entering another water body. By doing so, I am committing to help stop the spread of aquatic invasive species within Otsego County and beyond our borders. If I do not own a boat or related equipment, I commit to supporting OCCA’s Aquatic Invasive Species Education Campaign initiative by sharing information with boat owners that I know.
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