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OCCA is a countywide environmental organization addressing a broad spectrum of basic environmental concerns. OCCA plays a key role in initiating and carrying out programs designed to improve or protect Otsego County’s air, land, and water. Wide support from county residents enhances our ability to accomplish our mission.

Mission Statement:

OCCA is dedicated to promoting the appreciation and sustainable use of Otsego County’s natural resources through research, education, advocacy, planning and resource management and practice.  

In 1968, a small group of individuals with foresight regarding environmental matters in Otsego County banded together to form the Otsego County Conservation Association. OCCA remains the only countywide environmental organization working on a broad spectrum of programs to protect our local natural resources and educate the general public about important environmental issues and concerns.

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Our By-Laws are the over arching governance document for the operations of the organization.   The last update was recorded in March of 2018.

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The OCCA Board of Directors consists of up to fifteen dedicated individuals who lend their time, talent and expertise to the organization, helping to keep it operating effectively and meaningfully to fulfill the mission.  

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The OCCA Staff is an awesome team who work diligently to carry out the activities of the organization.  

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OCCA works with many different partner organizations to accomplish mutual goals and maximize available funds.  We have two sister organizations that we routinely partner with to help promote conservation, environmental advocacy, outreach and education. 

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Every year OCCA works hard to bring the best programming and expertise in the environmental field to all Otsego County residents.  The Annual Report describes our year’s activities, recognizes our donors and volunteers, and gives a financial snapshot of the organization. 

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If you are looking for ways to get involved with OCCA, take a look through information about available jobs, internships, volunteer opportunities and more.  

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Find our location, mailing address, phones and emails or use the form on the page to send us a message or provide input!

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How You Can Help Protect Our Local Environment

Donations provide the foundation for our work throughout Otsego County. By becoming a supporter of OCCA, you become a part of a unique countywide environmental organization whose mission is to protect local natural resources for the benefit of all. 


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