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Clean, Drain and Dry or Kiss the Fish Goodbye!

Invasive plants and animals can impact boating, fishing, swimming, and the environment.

When leaving a body of water, always remember to:

Remove all visible mud, plants, fish or other animals from your boat, trailer and any equipment that comes in contact with the water, such as waders and boots, paddles and fishing gear.

Empty all bilges, wells and ballast tanks. Tip canoes and kayaks over to empty them.

Allow equipment to dry for at least five days before using in another water body. If this is not possible,

Use hot water, steam, or a solution made with bleach or potassium chloride to disinfect.

See for more details.

Special thanks to the following for their support of the “Clean, Drain and Dry” public education newsprint ads running now through September: Butternut Valley Alliance, Catskill Regional Invasive Species Partnership, Dave Brandt Chapter of Trout Unlimited, Delaware-Otsego Audubon Society, Southern Tier East Regional Planning Development Board, Otsego Lake Association, Otsego Land Trust, Otsego 2000 and the Village of Cooperstown.

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CLEAN, DRAIN AND DRY or kiss the fish goodbye!
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