Gas Lease Map Disclaimer

DisclaimerOCCA provides this lease map data in a PDF image format accessible to the public at no charge.

To view the “Natural Gas Well Locations and Leased Properties” map (7MB), please continue below. Start by reading the Terms of Use.

OCCA is providing our updated Natural Gas Well Locations and Leased Properties map for informational purposes only. It should be understood that this map is ONLY intended as a tool to illustrate the progression of natural gas leases within Otsego County. This information is based on OCCA review of those leases recorded at the Otsego County Clerk’s Office. Users of this map are STRONGLY encouraged to complete their own research to ascertain the validity of an illustrated lease.  OCCA is NOT responsible for the misuse of this map or any misrepresentation based thereon.

NOTE: Current property owners may, 1) not have signed the illustrated lease and/or ; 2) may not be current owner of any mineral rights associated with the property and/or; 3) May not even know that their property is subject to a lease.

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Additional services associated with this map offered by OCCA are:

  • Printing of the image file in color, 8-1/2 x 11, at a cost of $2.00 per copy;
  • A large map image (36″x44″) may be viewed at either of the OCCA offices, 7193 St. Hwy. 80, Cooperstown;
  • 36″x44″ maps may be purchased at $35.00 per copy;*
  • 22”x34” maps may be purchased at $30.00 per copy;*
  • Source data available on a case-by-case basis, for a fee, subject to committee review. All inquiries must be made in writing, clearly outlining the purpose and intent of data usage. Ownership data will not be released.

*Additional charge for shipping and handling.

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