Little Thing #37: Consume less.

Similar to using what you already have (or borrowing from others), it is also helpful to consume less in general. We are surrounded by the desire to purchase new, non-essential products on a daily basis. Our society promotes the next best thing before the last next best thing is even out of circulation. This can add a temporary sense of joy and belonging, which is why we’re so drawn to sharing trends with everyone. However, overconsumption can have negative impacts on the environment, and the space you live.  

To avoid over-consumption, look at the list below: 

  • Think back to the last few things you bought? Why did you buy it? Was it something you’ve wanted for a long time? Does someone you know also own it? 
    • All these questions can help frame out why we buy what we buy. Our level of consumption sometimes mirrors those in our lives, as a form of inclusion. 
  • Think of a few things you bought 1-2 years ago that you were very excited about. Are you still just as excited about it? If it’s clothing, do you still wear it often? If it’s a household item, does it get frequent use? 
    • These questions can also help you determine if you buy things on impulse or if you make conscious decisions as a consumer. 

If you feel you tend to “impulse-buy” – don’t fret! Next time you’re confronted with an option to buy or wait, try waiting. If you still want the item after a week or more, consider borrowing or finding it second-hand. If you have been wanting to consume less, now is the chance to start! 

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