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Little Thing #18: Turn your lights on a dimmer switch.

Save energy and extend the life of your lightbulbs by investing in dimmer switches throughout your home and business. Similar to reducing the brightness of your device screens, lowering the brightness of your overhead lights can reduce strain on your eyes.   Additionally, adding dimmer lights can add to the level of

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Little Thing #15: Grow your own herbs.

Growing your own herbs has endless benefits! Herbs can be grown and cared for in small pots, making this an accessible option for anyone who enjoys fresh herbs such as basil, cilantro, thyme, rosemary, lavender, dill, and so many more!   This is a sustainable option, because typically store-bought herbs

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Little Thing #12: Start composting!

Composting is an anyone, anywhere type of activity! Grab your food scraps and start conditioning your soil, for free!  When you compost your own food waste, you reduce the amount of waste that enters landfills, which reduces community costs with collection and processing.   Compost provides food for

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Little Thing #11: Check your tire pressure.

While it may not always be top of mind, keeping your car’s tires properly inflated will enhance your fuel economy. Each 5% under-inflation translates to a 1% decrease in fuel economy.   Tires lose about 1-2 PSI per month. In colder months, especially relevant in Otsego County, you could be driving

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Little Thing #10: Avoid single-use items.

We have grown accustomed to disposable options for nearly everything in our lives. This includes cups, plates, cutlery, water bottles, straws, and the list goes on. In the name of convenience, we have added to the waste in our landfills. While it may seem like a drop in the

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Little Thing #9: Grow native plants.

Trees, shrubs, and flowers that are native to our state are some of the most vital plants we can grow. Native plants have many benefits, including:   Low maintenance & conserve water – because these plants are native, they work incredibly well with their ecosystem, requiring less care and water  Healthy option

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Little Thing #8: Shop local.

It’s the perfect time of year to get out in your community and shop local. Fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, meats, eggs, and baked goods are all in season. By shopping at farmer’s markets and farm stands, you are supporting local farmers and small businesses.   Shopping local is

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Little Thing #6: Turn your commute green!

If you can, try turning your commute green for one day (or more!). Sometimes, we get so used to driving from point A to point B, we forget that we have options. Check in with your coworkers, can you carpool? Another idea is to walk or bike to work. For this, you’ll need to prepare

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Little Thing #5: Use a clothesline.

Now that it’s summer, you may see more clothes hanging out on the line in the sun! Get in on the fun and enjoy fresh, sun-warmed clothes, all while saving costs in your energy bill. Gas and electric dryers can be convenient, though they increase your carbon footprint. There

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Little Thing #4: Take part in Plastic Free July!

We’re half-way through the month, have you participated in Plastic Free July yet? Re-think your use of plastics in your everyday life. Are there one or two things you can eliminate or replace? Think straws, plastic shopping bags, plastic to-go cups, and even many household items like shampoo,

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Little Thing #3: Turn off those lights!

Be mindful of your energy use when it comes to lightbulbs! Lightbulbs have come a long way with efficiency, but at the end of the day, flipping the switch to OFF is a good move. The amount of energy used depends on the type of light bulb you’re using. Halogen

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ECO-BULLETIN Vol. 15, No. 7 – July 13, 2021

Trail Tuesdays Want to spend some quality outdoor time in our state forests? Want to improve recreational opportunities for all members of the Otsego County community? Join OCCA for Trail Tuesdays! Each session, we’ll work on a section of trail in either Basswood Pond State Forest

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Hiring: Campaign Outreach and Marketing Coodinator

HeatSmart Mohawk Valley Campaign Outreach and Marketing Coordinator Job details Salary:$35,000 – $40,000 a year plus benefits Job Type: Full-time, 1 Year Contract with option to renew Number of hires for this role: 1 OCCA is looking for a motivated, marketing savvy person to join our

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ECO-BULLETIN Vol. 15, No. 6 – June 1, 2021

INVASIVE SPECIES AWARENESS WEEK  June 6-12 is the eighth annual New York Invasive Species Awareness Week (NYISAW) and we’ve got plenty of opportunities for you to participate in activities! The mission of NYISAW is to promote knowledge and understanding of invasive species and the harm they can cause by engaging citizens in a wide range

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Otsego County Planning Internship Job Description

Overview: Founded in 1968, the Otsego County Conservation Association (OCCA) is a  501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in the Town of Springfield, New York. OCCA is  dedicated to promoting the appreciation and sustainable use of Otsego County’s natural  resources through research, education, advocacy, planning and resource management

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ECO-BULLETIN Vol. 15, No. 5 – May 3, 2021

Our Team is GROWING! We are currently searching for a Full – Time Project Coordinator, so if you know any one who might be interested, please let them know!Check out the Full Job Description here! Earth Festival Success! Between our online programs, nature walks, and Drive

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Online, In-Person Activities for Earth Festival

Otsego County Conservation Association’s Earth Festival is being held April 22 through 24 with a mix of online webinars, informal talks, in-person nature walks and a trivia night.  Information about all Earth Festival programs can be found at   Webinars include “Many Happy Returns” on Thursday at 1pm. This program highlights efforts to restore populations of native species, notably pearly

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How You Can Help Protect Our Local Environment

Donations provide the foundation for our work throughout Otsego County. By becoming a supporter of OCCA, you become a part of a unique countywide environmental organization whose mission is to protect local natural resources for the benefit of all. 


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