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On April 22 this group was trained on the rules, techniques and tools for performing routine maintenance on the trails in Otsego County. Without dedicated volunteers it would be difficult for OCCA and our sister organizations to keep the trails in Otsego County accessible. Thank you!

A WORD ABOUT VOLUNTEERING by: Marty Van Lenten Becker

Several years ago, I read in the Daily Star that a group affiliated with OCCA was trying to do something about expanded polystyrene foam (EPS, commonly referred to as Styrofoam). I hated EPS. Just hated it. It never went away, and it seemed to be everywhere! So, I made a phone call, went to a meeting, and met a group of like-minded people with whom I bonded immediately. We all wanted to do what we could to keep Otsego County a wonderful place to live by dealing with its waste. I’ve been a volunteer member of OCCA’s Recycling Committee ever since. Eventually, OCCA and this committee worked with The Arc Otsego to start densifying polystyrene foam in Otsego County for reuse elsewhere-quite an accomplishment!

I am so glad to have the opportunity to bring my environmental concerns to this committee, to share ideas with our members, and to get to work on making a difference in Otsego County. 2023 was the second year of the Drive Thru Drop Off event, where difficult-to-recycle items are collected. The Recycling Committee works with OCCA Staff to find more and more ways to get things reused or recycled instead of dumped in the landfill. OCCA has a dedicated, inspiring, and FUN staff who welcome, respect, and appreciate volunteers! Volunteering at OCCA is an investment in this county’s future.


OCCA is able to magnify our impact because of our dedicated volunteers. Help us grow in the years to come.

Upcoming Projects Include:

  • Trail work

  • Invasive Species Managment

  • Leading Nature Walks

  • Outreach

For more information about our volunteer program please contact project coordinator, Shelby Macleish at 607-547-4488 or via e-mail at coordinator@occainfo.org

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Donations provide the foundation for our work throughout Otsego County. By becoming a supporter of OCCA, you become a part of a unique countywide environmental organization whose mission is to protect local natural resources for the benefit of all. 

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